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A Day Without the Web

User: lazarus67
A Day Without the Web
Going Crazy

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Deleted User

fun read old kitty dearest

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I liked the poem very much. I really like the idea of the story. I thought it was a sweet poem and it was very well written.

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That was too funny and a little scary. Have I become to dependant on the web. I try to take breaks away from it and go out and talk with people but they look at me funny. Someone says something funny and I reply, LOL, LMAO etc. and they look at me funny. when I leave I say to them, BRB. In all seriousness, That Was A FUN Read!!! Thank You!! :D

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I guess it's best to get out more, and go down the pub.Talk about it down there for fun.
Well done.

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How right you are. The web had taken over my life, there are webs in my house, in the dark corners that i never look at any more, but these are not the webs that sustain me, that encourage me, that allow me to be me.

There is the web and there are webs. With one i am alive and am an individual and the others i am just going through the motions of being a housewife.

thank you for your thought provoking piece.

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Judging from all the various comments, men AND women, I think this, although written in jest, can easily apply to both sexes.
I could write a man's view on the topic, but why?

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Only reading calms down when there is no web (at least for me).

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A few times when my computer crashed, I was going mental. Btw...that is a self-portrait.
Thanks guys.

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May I suggest running next door to the neighbor's house and pleading with her to next time let you just touch those keys, lol?
You hit the nail on the head, buddy. It's torture, and you captured it perfectly!

And I totally agree with Rick!

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