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Give vampires a chance

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Give vampires a chance is a group that would read and discuss books about vampires.


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??? By: Deleted User
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same here fantasybabe

hi By: Crystal_
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hi im crystal and i love vamp book and any thing supernatural if yall have some good suggestions tell me!!thanks!


Here's a short one:

It's not typical, but it does involve a vampire, lol.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Blood. The Unpleasant Truth About Vampires Something in the dark is hungry - not beautiful, mysterious, powerful, romantic, handsome - hungry. And all it can feed on are those who represent what the hungry ones once were. Nothing pleasant a...


i like vampires. i believe i'm one but i could be a werewolf too. I dislike blood but love to kil... By: fantasybabe
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i like vampires. i believe i'm one but i could be a werewolf too. I dislike blood but love to kill!!!!!

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Why not, right? I'd never written one before, but after reading all the "Twilight" clones, I got annoyed and wrote one that kinda makes fun of the category, but then - to my complete surprise - I found myself enjoying it, so I wrote a bunch more. One of them is semi-serious, one... Show more


hey! i would love to read the book you wrote especially if it have to do with Twilight


Actually, it's kinda anti-Twilight, lol. But you might like it...or the other one...or one of...crap. Okay, here are the links to all of them but I believe only one will show up with the book cover. The other links should work, though:

... Show more

Bite Me Meloria Westfall had an unusual handicap,one that made it necessary for her to do everything at night (except sleep). This problem made having a social life somewhat - all right, very - difficult, ...
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