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Serious Writers

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SERIOUS WRITERS is a team of authors who collectively encourage positive attitudes and strive for growth, regardless of their current level of experience. But wherever you are on your writing journey, we will make the trip as fun and enjoyable as possible. Join us and work with like minded members who share the goal of continuously improving their writing craft.


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The Lure of Easy Money in Publishing By: L. Avery Brown
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Important Post

Hello, Serious Writers.

I know I've not been around a lot but I do pop in from time to time to see what's going on. Also, I like to clean up the main thread line where people post promotions and advertisements. Typically, I do this by informing the person who issued the post <why> the post has been deleted while letting them know that they are more than welcomed to repost in the proper thread.

And that, as they say, is that.... Show more


I read it. It looks very futural. And yet...who knows. It might be the future. Or simply a way to post and get hacked. As you said...need to wait to see where this leads to.
Personally. ..I feel that it's another way to be controlled by 'Big Brother'. First of all, using bitcoin... Show more


The future is wonderful...and scary.

L. Avery Brown

No, you are correct in both assumptions. But not the paranoid part.

First, Bitcoin IS a way to get around not only the US government's way to collect taxes but also a way to get around the taxes imposed on digital purchases within certain US states and municipalities. As well as... Show more


To me easy money in publishing doesnt exist. Ive been writing for years, got an agent, and im still struggling to get published.

148 Comments    Open  
Important Post

If you discover interesting articles on writing or related subjects, you can post them here.

We will post informative and helpful information from experts in the writing field -- topics that should appeal to those who are really serious about writing. Whenever possible, each author/writer will be given credit for their work and a link posted to their blog or website. Posts from BEFORE the BookRix changeover have been archived... Show more

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J.C. Laird
Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined Rules barrage writers from all sides. This post dissects a few rules and presents examples of why they might (or might not) be valid.
J.C. Laird
How to Conquer Your Crutch Words: A Writer's Resource Crutch words contribute nothing more than fluff. These obnoxious weeds creep through your work and choke its vitality.
L. Avery Brown

RE: Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined. - Terrific because it reminds us that some rules are a wee bit flexible!

PROMOTIONS and ADVERTISING This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. ... By: J.C. Laird
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Important Post


This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. Tell us about your books, old or new, post links, pictures, blurbs and video promos.

Also use this link to post samples of your work and request comments/reviews. In short, put your work here; make it interesting and try to grab the visitor's attention. Get some publicity for that hard work of yours.

If you advertise books with adult... Show more

405 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
J.C. Laird

"The Automated Repayment Plan"

Today was Jacob's 100th birthday. He and his wife Lilah lived in Brookdale, an assisted living facility. Although his horoscope predicted it was to be a very eventful day, he had... Show more


2 days to go for the free book promotion under Kindle. Download a copy now. Don't forget to post a review. Thanks.



The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal - Kindle edition by JMSB Cayanan. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal - Kindle edition by JMSB Cayanan. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal.
Deleted User

Hello I have my book that i'm selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do take a look!!!!!!!!!

Genghis Kahn’s Lover I’ve been loved by Genghis Kahn, been loved by King Henry I’m every woman e... By: alisonmmiller72
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Important Post

Genghis Kahn’s Lover

I’ve been loved by Genghis Kahn, been loved by King Henry
I’m every woman ever known, a sacred witchery

Possessing me the driving force, man wants what he can’t have
Rejection rots beneath his skin, and anger is the salve

Desire shifts, becomes a need, he’s desperate for relief
He rapes the world, takes everything, an artist and a thief

I’ve been loved by every man, I’m every woman known
Been bound and gagged, my... Show more

A request to all writers. By: Ryan
8 Comments    Open  
Important Post

I am asking all writers out there to respond to this message with their favorite writers on Bookrix. Full disclosure, I will be attempting to contact these writers to see if I can persuade them to submit a short story to my website. Yes, it is true, I am not above begging. If you feel that you are the best writer and don't mind me annoying the hell out of you, feel free to post your name. Thanks much my friends!

8 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

Btw, Danny and Jeff. I like Judy very much too ;-)


I don't write short stories. I had to in college, and never felt comfortable. I don't think in short stories. Maybe I'm weird, but count me as at least one. ;)


Haha, fair enough Jeff.

My new novelette By: jeffschanz
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post

Hi All!
I just put out a novelette, free to read for anyone interested, called "THE RANCH."
It's an excerpt from a shelved novel series, but I always thought it worked well on its own. You can find it from my profile page. Enjoy if you like.

1 Comment
Roxanne Jade Regalado

Great! Will check it out soon. :-)

this is my essay. Please give me some advices By: Perfume
3 Comments    Open  
Important Post

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, job seekers consider about dream income as a top-priority when chasing a career. While I accept that salary is an essential factor for life, I believe that there are much more aspects affecting humans equally at work.
On the one hand, I suppose that salary help person to have a good standard of living and... Show more


Interesting points. Just a few suggestions:

Since you leave the door open for enjoyment and personal advancement as being main considerations, your first sentence might read better if you say, "the salary is one of the most important considerations" instead of "the most... Show more


thank you a lot. I really appreciate


You're welcome. ')

What Next By: R A Rice
10 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Do you write a sequel or a totally different story? Do you write multiple at the same time?

10 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

@k.p., THAT'S why we have other ideas to allure us, so we aren't as bummed about our stories being over.
Personally, I do so much editing, I get sick of my book still hanging around, like a lazy adult child, and am happy to say, "Get out there and find a job!" to it. ;)
A new story is healthy.


Haha ur right!

The first toke me six month writing and four years of editing. Well because mine are mostly dealing with my family (better and more authentic protas I couldn’t imagine nor fantasize), I think it’s only fair to respect/consider their input and/or concerns. Lol you... Show more


Gotta cut the cord at some point.
It can be hard to call something done, but you gotta. It will never ever be perfect, and its hard knowing you could alter things possibly as an improvement, and not do it. Do the best you can for a reasonable amount of time then move on.

Outline By: R A Rice
2 Comments    Open  
Important Post

How many here use an outline before writing


I give myself a general structure that's not much more than a beginning, muddled amount of middle, and ending idea. In many cases I have the beginning and ending very solidly thought out in my head.
Once I get into writing, I start slowly narrowing where I'm going. There are... Show more

R A Rice

I'm with you. I have a thin outline and have had to backup and change a few things when taking a different turn in the story.

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